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This is able to bring on processor currently being "idle" (unused). To help keep the processor busy all of the time, the execution of this type of system is halted along with the running process switches the processor to run another application. On the consumer, it'll surface the plans run concurrently (consequently the term "parallel").

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However, in multiprocessing units lots of processes may well operate off of, or share, precisely the same reentrant method at precisely the same area in memory, but Each and every process is said to own its own graphic of This system.

2a : to subject matter to the Unique process or remedy (as in the middle of manufacture or movie enhancement)

of secondary oil recovery In case the polymer focus of liquid injected in the reservoir may differ with time. From Cambridge English Corpus   Looking at the high grade of preservation, the mineral formation process

A horn-formed process with the mastoid part of the temporal bone extending downward and forward powering the external auditory meatus. It serves for attachment of your sternocleidomastoid, splenius capitis, and longissimus capitis muscles.

process - manage within a schedule way; "I am going to take indian visa care of that a single"; "process a loan"; "process the applicants"

, "Border closures have farm business concerned for lack of seasonal personnel," eighteen Mar. 2020 These instance sentences are selected automatically from many on the net news sources to reflect present-day utilization in the word 'process.

Q. What is the process a normal doctor would use to diagnose Grownup ADHD? I'm have an appointment with my Principal care medical doctor to be screened for adult ADHD. Does anyone really know what He'll do as a way to exam and diagnose me?

process They are words and phrases usually made use of in combination with process. Click a collocation to view more samples of it.

The lowest part of the sternum; a sword-formed cartilaginous process supported by bone. No ribs connect to your xiphoid process; however, some abdominal muscles are attached. The xiphoid process ossifies within the aged Synonym: ensiform process; xiphisternum

She arrived at the correct solution by a process of elimination (= by deciding versus Every solution that was not likely being accurate right up until only one was left).

Be aware that even portions of Lively processes/tasks (executing programs) are suitable for swapping to disk, If your parts have not been used a short while ago. Not all portions of an executing system and its information ought to be in Bodily memory for your associated process being Energetic. Process states[edit]

I bought what I wished but made many enemies inside the process → conseguí lo que quería pero a costa de crearme muchos enemigos

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